Proposal Fall Winter

Ticinese Menu

CHF 60.00

Goose pâté on pan brioche Buscion cheese mousse and fig jam

Pumpkin gnocchi with crispy sage and caramelized nuts

Boneless rabbit loin stuffed with morels, chestnuts and honey creamy violet polenta from the Maggia Valley grilled spring onions and vegetable pearls

Eggnog cream cocoa powder and wild berries

Fish Menu

CHF 66.00

Marinated fish puff pastry (Monkfish, amberjack, salmon) Mango, dragonfruit and papaya

Carnaroli risotto with crabmeat Clams sauce

Back of northern wild sea bass, avocado mayonnaise on mashed potatoes grilled spring onion and vegetable pearls

Basil sorbet in caramelized lemon cup

Game Meat Menu 1

CHF 80.00

Deer tartare cut with knife flavoured with black salt of Cyprus on pumpkin compote and candied fruits

Saddle of roe deer Baden-Baden style Spätzle and its seals

Grape and Grappa sorbet

Game Meat Menu 2

CHF 70.00

Game appetizers (cylinder of celery with mayonnaise, wild pâté, wild boar ham, dried venison, venison salami, wild boar salami)

Velvety porcini mushroom soup and its brittle on Buscion cheese tufts and chestnut honey

Venison medallions with butter and thyme blueberry reduction, spätzli and its seals

Shortbread tartlet made with chestnuts, raspberry and blackberry cream

Vegetarian Menu

CHF 45.00

Lamb’s lettuce salad

Crumbed Formaggella on caponata bed

Lentil cream soup

Gratinated crepes stuffed with pumpkin

Pineapple carpaccio with vanilla ice cream


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