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Cold Starters

Artichoke crudites with lemon emulsion, Irish beef carpaccio, Alpine
cheese petals of alpine cheese – CHF 25.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,12a

Sicilian red prawns, Maldon salt, squid ink mayonnaise, fennel salad – CHF 32.00

Allergens: 2a,3a,6a,7a,12a,14a

Veal tartare seasoned with organic olive oil, beetroot, salted pistachios
and mousse of cow’s buscion – CHF 38.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,10a,12a

Warm Starters

Classic Basel Soup – CHF 14.00

Allergens: 1a,6a,7a,9a

Soft-cooked artichokes, aged Parmesan fondue and leek hay – CHF 25.00

Allergens: 3a,6a,7a

Blanched octopus, cannellini cream, confit tomato and clams in a guazzetto – CHF 26.00

Allergens: 2a,6a,7a,9a,12a,14a

Pan-cooked Corvina polenta, thyme crumble, stracciatella di burrata
and escalope of foie gras – CHF 30.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,12a

Pasta and Risotto

Potato gnocchi with bona flour and butter and sage – CHF 20.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,7a

Spaghetto “Chitarra” with courgette flowers, anchovies and toasted
almonds – CHF 28.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,4a,6a,7a,12a

Carnaroli risotto with turnip tops, smoked duck and ricotta emulsion
(min. for 2 people) – CHF 28.00

Allergens: 3a,6a,7a,9a,12a


5 cuts of meat (beef, lamb chop, venison, luganighetta, veal)
Served with sauces – CHF 50.00

Allergens: 3a,6a,7a,12a

Seared veal chop with truffle butter – CHF 46.00

Allergens: 6a,7a,10a,12a

Irish beef fillet and foie gras in Cognac scent – CHF 54.00

Allergens: 6a,7a,12a

Beef fillet Chateaubriand, bernaise sauce
(min. for 2 people) – CHF 58.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,12a


Slice of wild sea bass in a crust of toasted pine nuts and lime honey – CHF 44.00

Allergens: 3a,4a,6a,7a,12a

Grilled prawns – CHF 40.00

Allergens: 2a,6a,7a,12a

Soft-cooked cod with saffron and glasswort – CHF 38.00

Allergens: 4a,6a,7a,12a

Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free

Beet carpaccio with smoked oil, avocado and sweet potato mousse – CHF 16.00

Allergens: 9a

Soft-cooked artichokes, cannellini cream and asparagus sprouts – CHF 20.00

Allergens: 6a

Spaghettone “Chitarra” whipped with courgette flowers, anchovies and
toasted almonds – CHF 28.00

Allergens: 3a,4a,6a,7a,12a


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