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Cold Starters

Fassona Piemontese beef tartare (100 gr), black truffle mayonnaise,
basil coral – CHF 38.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,4a,6a,7a,10a,12a

Veal in tuna sauce and its reduction, green asparagus cruditè – CHF 34.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,4a,6a,7a,8a,12a

Raw ham from Zibello and Mantuan melon – CHF 30.00

Allergens: 12a

Salmon Swiss Lachs from Lostallo marinated in whisky,
melon emulsion and its pearls – CHF 30.00

Allergens: 3a,4a,6a,7a,12a

Octopus in puff pastry, salted egg-nog
with cuttlefish ink and potato chips – CHF 34.00

Allergens: 1a,4a,6a,7a,12a,14a

Tomato soup ox heart Bio, joghurt emulsion
and maldon salt breadstick – CHF 20.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,12a

Marinated cucumber carpaccino with mint, sprig of baby salad
and Zincarlin spheres with apricot heart – CHF 25.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,8a,12a

Warm Starters

Foie gras with rhubarb cooked at low temperature – CHF 28.00

Allergens: 7a,12a

Scallops with salted pistachio coating
on a light burrata cream – CHF 26.00

Allergens: 6a,7a,8a,12a,14a

Homemade Pasta

Linguine di Gragnano with duck ragout sautéed in thyme
and yellow date pulp – CHF 26.00

Allergens: 1a,6a,7a,12a

Potato gnocchi in a pan with Ticino blue cheese and caramelised walnut kernels- CHF 22.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,8a

36-yolk buttons (filled pasta) with white rabbit ragout in butter
and sage on a mousse of courgette – CHF 24.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,12a

Calamarata whipped with green rocket and monkfish

with orange essence – CHF 26.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,4a,6a,7a,12a


Homemade Chateaubriand, Bernese sauce (minimum 2 people,
20 minutes waiting time) – CHF 60.00 p.p.

Allergens: 3a,6a,7a,12a

Sliced fassona piemontese beef on hot stone, smoking salt and its sauces – CHF 50.00

Allergens: 3a,6a,7a,12a

Grilled veal paillard – CHF 40.00

Allergens: 12a

Gourmet burger
(Artisanal poppy seed bun, irish fillet,
morels, Ticino blue cheese foam and black garlic mayonnaise)
–  CHF 48.00

Allergens: 1a,3a,6a,7a,12a


Royal grilled fish (minimum 2 people) – CHF 50.00 p.p.

Allergens: 2a,4a,6a,7a,12a,14a

Tuna fillet with turnip tops and Tropea onion sauce – CHF 42.00

Allergens: 4a,6a,7a,12a

Vegetarian and Vegan

Tomato soup ox heart Bio and basil emulsion – CHF 18.00

Allergens: —-

Organic tofu marinated in aged balsamic vinegar, aubergine
mousse and dates Confit – CHF 25.00

Allergens: 12a


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